Open Source Contributions


This is an overview of projects I created myself or with colleagues during my studies and shared with the community.

Crypton: Encryption and decryption of documents Desktop application

Currently, the company stores all customer-related documents in unencrypted form on a network drive located within the company's own premises. The company would like to store these documents in encrypted form in the future. The company doesn't want to use existing encryption software because it considers it too complex and does not want to overburden its staff with the complexities of encryption and data security.

Moneyware: Service-Oriented-Architecture Web application

The accounting department of a company has a payroll accounting system that is based on various applications for the management of personnel data and the recording of working hours. At the moment, the accounting department has to read the data manually from the two applications and calculate them manually in the monthly closing. For this purpose, an application is to be created that automatically generates the monthly statement from the data and displays it as required.

Open Source Contributions

Why Open-source?

Here you can see an overview of projects I am involved in. Why I am interested in open-source projects is mainly the motivation to grow personally.

But here are some other points what open-source means:

  • Great way to learn how to code.
  • It’s fun, it should be a hobby.
  • You can give something back.

Rocket.Chat Sandbox is online 🚀

Finally, I've found some spare time to set up a Moodle sandbox platform to show the Rocket.Chat Moodle integration.

Moodle plugins development

Moodle has more than 1500 plugins in the Moodle plugins repository ( which are maintained by nearby 1000 developers.

First Moodle contribution

Moodle lives from contributions, but the main core is mainly maintained by Moodle HQ. For all interested people, on this page ( you can see all developers that have ever contributed to this gorgeous project.

Passionate Moodle Developer

Moodle is a learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalised learning environments.